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Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district


Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

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Monday 8/21/2017 @ 4:00 pm
(H) vs Lebanon Sr. High School

Waynesville MS/HS 1
Lebanon Sr. High School 8

Tiger Tennis took a 1-8 loss to the Lebanon Yellowjackets Monday night in their first match of the season. This year is very much of a building year for the Tigers. After losing 8 Seniors from last year, we only have one returning Varsity player. Last year, we finished our season with our first winning record in several years.  Our team has been completely revamped, and the girls are learning fresh.  Those who are returning from last year have really had to step up to take on a position much more difficult than what they were used to.  I was very pleased with how the girls fought tonight, however.  Looking back on previous scores with Lebanon, the girls had finished 1-8 last year as well and 0-9 the previous two years.  Lebanon always seems to have a strong team during girl’s season.  The fact that we were able to finish with the same score as last year was encouraging to the girls and me.  They’re working so hard.  They know the level they need to be at, and they’re busting their butt to get there.  Our sole winner for the night was Blaire Smith.  Jumping up 17 spots from last year, Blaire has worked her way up to #5 this year. This girl is kicking butt!  She’s shown up during the off-season. She’s practiced outside of my open courts.  This girl loves tennis, and she’s giving the game everything she’s got!  Chloe Trusty and Heather Emerson both had solid matches last night as well.  Both being ahead at one point in their matches, their scores were constantly flip-flopping back and forth, but both were just unable to pull out the victory.  Chloe’s another one who’s worked hard in the off-season.  She has spent countless hours working on her serve outside of practice, and tonight it was obvious of the time put into her serve, even in just the past few days.  Heather’s improved quite a bit from last year as well.  She has one of the most beautiful strokes on the court.  Right now, we’re just working on being consistent throughout the whole match. 


Heat also took a toll on us tonight.  Having such unusually cool practices for our first few weeks of the season made today’s hot temps a challenge we weren’t ready for.  Across the whole team, we had three girls come off the court with heat-related symptoms. Unfortunately, one of those girls was unable to finish her singles match.  Newcomer Tiffany Bell has joined us this year and automatically worked her way up to the Varsity lineup for her first year.  Another good match tonight, Tiffany took the lead early until heat symptoms took over.  Down just 3-4, Tiffany was in a good fight before being pulled for heat sickness. 


The Tigers are scheduled to play in Willow Springs Tuesday night and in Richland on Friday.



Lauren DeMalade vs. Hannah Lowery, 2-8

Klementyna Cichocki vs. Zephanie White, 0-8

Chloe Trusty vs. Addison Myler, 6-8

Heather Emerson vs. Megan Adams, 5-8

Blaire Smith vs. Skyler Maynor, 8-5

Tiffany Bell vs. Ashton Arthur, FF



Cichocki/Trusty vs. Lowery/White, 1-8

DeMalade/Emerson vs. Myler/Adams, 1-8

Smith/Bell vs. Maynor/Arthur, 5-8

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