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Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district


Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

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Friday 8/25/2017 @ 4:00 pm
(A) vs Richland R-4 High School

Waynesville MS/HS 3
Richland R-4 High School 6

Waynesville Tiger Tennis had a rough match Friday night, falling 3-6 to Richland.  Walking into this match, we knew this would be a close matchup.  Despite a 7-2 victory against the Bulldogs last year, we knew losing 5 of our 6 Varsity would change the tone of this year’s match, especially knowing they were bringing 5 of their 6 back.  In true Tiger fashion, my girls came out kicking.  Not one match was just given to the Bulldogs.  In fact, almost all of tonight’s matches were nail biters.  Both #1 and #2 doubles teams trailed to Richland by just one game for most of the match.  In fact, Lauren DeMalade and Heather Emerson started ahead, but unfortunately let their opponents take them in net play.  Another close match was played by Chloe Trusty at #3 singles.  Trailing most of the match, Chloe pulled herself into the lead by taking 2 back-to-back game wins, bringing the score to 7-6.  Spitting the next couple games, Chloe showed great determination and pulled through to a 9-7 win of Lydia Novak, Richland’s sole singles winner against Waynesville last season.  Chloe is one of those players every coach desires on their team.  She’s always looking to improve, always seeking advice, and always acting on any coaching given.  She’s the only player I’ve ever coached who says, “Thank you,” after every piece of instruction I give her.   She takes it and runs with it.  Fortunately, it helped pull to her advantage tonight.


The Tigers have another busy week coming up, beginning their 3 match streak at home.  Waynesville Tennis will host the always-brutal Jeff City Jays on Monday, and Osage Tuesday, before hitting the road to Camdenton on Thursday.   



Lauren DeMalade vs. Brittany Latham, 2-8

Klementyna Cichocki vs. Carson Pemberton, 1-8

Chloe Trusty vs. Lydia Novak, 9-7

Heather Emerson vs. Kiley Cargill, 5-8

Blaire Smith vs. Kelsey Bunnell, 6-8

Tiffany Bell vs. Hannah Black, 8-5



Cichocki/Trusty vs. Latham/Pemberton, 4-8

DeMalade/Emerson vs. Novak/Bunnell, 5-8

Smith/Bell vs. Cargill/Black, 8-5

Richland HS
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