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Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district


Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

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Thursday 8/31/2017 @ 4:00 pm
(A) vs Camdenton R-3 High School

Waynesville MS/HS 0
Camdenton R-3 High School 9

Waynesville Tennis lost to Camdenton Thursday night, 0-9.  Still yet, we saw some of the season’s greatest tennis yet.  Probably one of the best matches of the night took place on court 1 as Lauren DeMalade took on Camdenton’s Nicole Rozabek.  A natural athlete, Rozabek had great movement around the court.  Lauren, already fighting sickness, played her best match yet.  Long rallies and constant movement forced each player all over the court.  Unfortunately, we just ended with the most errors tonight.  Lauren is walking into a tough spot this year.  Having only played one year before, Lauren is playing so well.  One thing about it, playing at the level she is this year is allowing for her to improve so much with every game.  She’s starting to gain more control over the ball and is reading the court much better as well.  This season is definitely going to be a difficult one at #1, but it makes me excited to see how she will be playing as a Senior.  Tiffany Bell also had a great match on court 6 tonight.  Playing closely with her opponent for the whole match, Tiffany led for most of the match.  Dropping a couple matches in a row at the end, Tiffany found herself in a tiebreaker.  She plays with so much heart and leaves everything she has on the court.  I’ve never watched one of her matches and wondered if she really gave it her all. Every match is a battle.  Giving every shot her best, Tiffany fell 4-7 in a tiebreak. 

The Tigers will host a double dual on Tuesday against Hillcrest and Parkview.  We will be honoring our seniors that night in the last home match of the season. 



Lauren DeMalade vs. Nicole Rozabek, 5-8

Klementyna Cichocki vs. Hannah Robinson, 4-8

Chloe Trusty vs. Tori Risner, 5-8

Heather Emerson vs. Faith Bowen, 5-8

Blaire Smith vs. Macie Abell, 5-8

Tiffany Bell vs. Darby Roam, 8-9 (9-7)



DeMalade/Trusty vs. Rezabek/Robinson, 3-8

Cichocki/Emerson vs. Risner/Bowen, 4-8

Smith/Bell vs. Abell/Roam, 1-8

Camdenton HS
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