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Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district


Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

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Thursday 4/12/2018 @ 4:00 pm
(A) vs Lebanon Sr. High School

Waynesville MS/HS 4
Lebanon Sr. High School 5

Waynesville Tennis vs. Lebanon, 4/12 


Waynesville Tennis took a hard loss tonight against Lebanon, 4-5.  Tonight was a very important match, as we knew the result would play a huge factor in our district seedings.  Having already spilt matches with Lebanon this season, tonight’s match would act as the tiebreaker.  Starting ahead on all doubles courts, the Tigers quickly lost momentum and entered into singles play behind their Yellowjacket opponent, 1-2.  Tyler Gayman and Cameron Martell took the only doubles win for the Tigers tonight. These two are extremely dependable.  They’re consistent, but aggressive, which is extremely important in boy’s tennis.  They play smart and communicate very well.  Despite the fact that they both claim to be singles players, they join together to make a vicious doubles team.  


The Gayman/Martell duo split for singles, both taking victories and bringing the score to 3-2. Also winning tonight, Caleb broke his opponent after taking losses in both of our previous matchups with Lebanon this season.  Unfortunately, we took losses on courts 4 and 5, to tie the match at 4-4.  Only needing one more victory, the fate was in #1 David Sneed’s hands.  Sneed has had several matchups with Lebanon’s #1, Bryson Crowell.  Some have ended in our favor, and some have not. Tonight, we were not so lucky. Bryson is quite the athlete.  He’s quick. He’s smart. He’s all over the court, and he never wears out.  He’s one of those players who can be so frustrating to play.  It doesn’t seem to matter what tactic you use on-court.  He always seems to make it to the ball somehow. Sneed played him well.  And despite the score, he did not let Lebanon take the easy win.  Dropping 2-8 at #1, Lebanon took the team win to break the tie.  


We could possibly see this team two more times this season (Conference and Districts). Instead of shying away from the competition, we are praying for the opportunity to verse this team again.  Lebanon is a great team. We learn something every time we play them.  We’ve made it our goal to get them next time. 



David Sneed vs. Bryson Crowell, 2-8

Tyler Gayman vs. Lane Hisel, 8-1

Cameron Martell vs. Zach Stubblefield, 8-4

Shawn Berrios vs. Austin Hurney, 2-8

Aarron Emperato vs. Nathaniel Smith, 4-8

Caleb Andrews vs. Cody Martin, 8-5



Sneed/Berrios vs. Crowell/Hisel, 8-1

Gayman/Martell vs. Stubblefield/Smith, 8-3

Emperato/Andrews vs. Hurney/Martin, 1-8



Lebanon HS - FB, Base,VB,Bball,Wr
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