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Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district


Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

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Tuesday 5/01/2018 @ 8:30 am
(A) Multiple Opponents
Ozark Conference Tournament @ Cooper Complex Springfield

OPEN (Host)
OPEN (Host)
Waynesville MS/HS

Waynesville Tennis showed up to play today for the Ozark Conference tournament, finishing 4thout of 10 teams.  Seeded 5th, Waynesville was one of two teams to beat their seed today.  Waynesville matched up against Lebanon in the first dual of the day.  Having already played Lebanon three times this season, and only winning once, Waynesville was expected to drop again today.  The Tigers went into the match head strong, however, determined to give their all. That’s exactly what they did.  We’ve struggled in doubles all season.  The past three times we’ve played this team, we’ve only been able to take one doubles win.  Today, we knew if we could come out strong in doubles, we’d have much more success if we could lead going into singles play.  And today, we pulled it off.  With wins at 2 and 3 doubles, the Tigers needed three more wins to take the victory overall.  Then, taking wins at 2 and 3 singles, Waynesville pulled to a 4-1 lead. Dropping the next three matches, however, tied the teams at 4-4.  Coming down to the last match once again, David Sneed finally got his victory over a strong Bryson Crowell.  Sneed has been working for this moment all season. Bryson is a solid player and always seems to take the upper hand.  This was a big win for David, and I was proud to see his hard work pay off.  Today, we played like a team.  The boys stood behind each other and cheered on one another throughout the entire match.  This was a well-fought team battle today. Another proud coach moment. 


Next, Waynesville matched up with the #1 seeded Joplin team. Immediately following the two and a half hour long match against Lebanon, Waynesville dropped five straight games to the Eagles.


Playing for third place, Waynesville matched up with Glendale. Taking one win at 3 doubles, the Tigers fell 1-5, and left in 4thplace overall.  


Waynesville has the rest of the week off from match play. They will compete in Team Districts next, which is scheduled to be played Monday through Wednesday of next week. Individual Districts will be held May 12 at Camdenton.  


Waynesville vs. Lebanon, 5-4


David Sneed vs. Bryson Crowell, 8-5

Tyler Gayman vs. Cade Winfrey, 8-2

Cameron Martell vs. Lane Hisel, 8-6

Shawn Berrios vs. Zachary Stubblefield, 6-8

Aarron Emperato vs. Austin Hurney, 2-8

Caleb Andrews vs. Nathaniel Smith, 4-8



Gayman/Martell vs. Crowell/Winfrey, 4-8

Sneed/Emperato vs. Hisel/Hurney, 8-3

Berrios/Andrews vs. Stubblefield/Smith, 8-6


Waynesville vs. Joplin, 0-5


David Sneed vs. Garrett Lewis, 0-8

Tyler Gayman vs. Gustavo Garcia, Incomplete

Cameron Martell vs. Asa Borup, 2-8

Shawn Berrios vs. Nicholas Mailes, Incomplete

Aarron Emperato vs. Bennett Satterlee, Incomplete

Caleb Andrews vs. Logan Allen, Incomplete



Gayman/Martell vs. Lewis/Garcia, 0-8

Sneed/Emperato vs. Borup/Mailes, 2-8

Berrios/Andrews vs. Satterlee/Allen, 2-8


Waynesville vs. Glendale, 1-5


David Sneed vs. Finn Wartick, 1-6

Tyler Gayman vs. Payton LaFevers, 1-6

Cameron Martell vs. Drake Stephens, 3-6

Shawn Berrios vs. Brandon Rader, Incomplete

Aarron Emperato vs. Mohammad Hassan, Incomplete

Caleb Andrews vs. Kendrick Scott, Incomplete 



Gayman/Martell vs. Wartick/LaFevers, 0-6

Sneed/Emperato vs. Stephens/Rader, 1-6

Berrios/Andrews vs. Hassan/Scott, 6-4

OPEN (Host)
OPEN (Host)
Waynesville MS/HS
Cooper Complex
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