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Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district


Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

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Game Summary

6 months ago by Zachary Remedies,

Waynesville’s Homecoming Fight To The Fourth Quarter

Game Date
Sep 25, 2020

Waynesville’s Homecoming Fight To The Fourth Quarter

By Zachary Remedies, Sports Information


Waynesville Tigers 31

Hillcrest Hornets 27





















WAYNESVILLE, Mo. Sept. 25. Homecoming 2020 and Week 4 of the Waynesville Tiger football season ended with nothing but smiling faces from the Tigers as they secured their first victory of the season against Hillcrest High School, making Waynesville’s season record 1-3.


The outcome of the game was in doubt even past the final clock ticking down to 0:00.  


Waynesville quarterback Mike Lewis scampered 44 yards with 55 seconds left in the fourth quarter to seemingly secure the come-from-behind win.  But Hillcrest reeled off some big offensive plays of their own and found themselves deep in Tiger territory with time winding down.


The Tigers defense was able to bat down one Hillcrest pass attempt at the goal line.  A second pass attempt to the same spot was low, causing the ball to bounce to the receiver.  


But that final incompletion came with a flag back at the line of scrimmage with no time left on the clock.  If the penalty was against the Tigers, the Hornets would get one more untimed play, something the Tigers used at the end of the first half to kick a field goal.


The penalty was against Hillcrest and the Tigers were finally ready to celebrate. Many players collapsed to the turf with physical and emotional exhaustion.  Some even cried tears of joy.   


After the game, Coach Joe Haynes said, “I’m so proud of how they fought and I don’t know whether to scream, cheer, or cry and hug them all. But I know that I love them.”


Coach Haynes, while overjoyed with happiness, said that, “While we were not as consistent in our execution, for the first time this season, we were able to overcome those obstacles that we created.” 


Throughout the long, intense game with the Hornets, things looked rough for the Tigers until the fourth quarter where Hillcrest was on fourth down and nearly a foot from the goal line. The Tiger defense managed to stop the Hornets not once, but twice, using what Coach Haynes can only describe as “Heart. We stopped them two times in the fourth quarter when we absolutely had to, and we made it work.” 


Haynes continues with, “That’s what we have to do. That’s what great teams do, and tonight we played like a great team because we fought to the end.”


Along with the most intense game of the Tiger season thus far, the Tigers recognized starting senior quarterback Mike Lewis for his outstanding plays Friday night by giving him the Rick and Cheryl Vernon Homecoming Award player of the game. 


Up Next

In the upcoming week the Tigers will go head to head against the Bolivar Liberators at Bolivar, Mo. However with the approaching game next week, Coach Haynes, along with the Tiger football team, said that Bolivar will not be on their minds until Saturday morning as they celebrate Friday night’s victory, and a well deserved one at that. 


#11 Xzavia McArthur scoring on a 77 yard pass from #12 Mike Lewis for the Waynesville Tigers in the third quarter, to be followed by an extra point given by #34 Chase Evans, Waynesville’s kicker.


Waynesville’s Player of The Game, #12 Mike Lewis, was given the 

Rick and Cheryl Vernon Homecoming Award to recognize his positive impact on the 2020 homecoming game.  Lewis scored the winning touchdown on a 44 yard run with 55 seconds left in the game.
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