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Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district


Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

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Game Summary

7 months ago by Kayla Wilson

Girls Varsity Tennis vs. Osage HS School

Game Date
Aug 29, 2017

Tiger Tennis took another hit Tuesday night with a 1-8 loss to Osage.  Despite our results against this team, the Tigers played their best match yet this season. The girls are starting to look more aggressive on the court.  They’re starting to push themselves harder, and it’s showing on the court.  Even with a 1-8 loss in #1 doubles, the Trusty/Cichocki duo played extremely aggressive tonight.  Taking their opponents to deuce multiple times, these girls won many points on overhead smashes alone.  In previous matches, the girls looked hesitant at the net.  Tonight, they looked a lot more comfortable and confident in this offensive position.  They took a lot of risks at net tonight, and it usually came out in their advantage.  Unfortunately, we just weren’t as consistent tonight as we needed to be.  At #3 doubles, Tiffany Bell and Blaire Smith also had a strong match.  Only losing by two games, these girls played very well.  Their communication is constantly improving, allowing them to take the lead at the beginning of their match.

Tiffany Bell took our only win of the night in singles.  This girl has improved leaps and bounds already this season. Having never played tennis before, Tiffany is stepping into this Varsity and having great success.  She’s working really hard outside of practice on her serve, and has one of the strongest serves on the team.  She’s already aced several opponents this season. Her groundstrokes are being refined every day.  Tonight, she was spot on. She played smart and defeated her opponent in a close tiebreaker 9-8 (7-4). 

The Tigers have one more match this week against Camdenton’s large team on Thursday.



Lauren DeMalade vs. Eliza Koeppen, 4-8

Klementyna Cichocki vs. Kylie Misenheimer, 0-8

Chloe Trusty vs. Elise Davis, 0-8

Heather Emerson vs. Natalie Brick, 2-8

Blaire Smith vs. Lillian Davis, 3-8

Tiffany Bell vs. Madeline Amsinger, 9-8 (7-4)



Cichocki/Trusty vs. Doeppen/E. Davis, 1-8

DeMalade/Emerson vs. Misenheimer/Brick, 1-8

Smith/Bell vs. L.Davis/Amsinger, 6-8
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