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Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district


Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district



7 months ago by Mike Clutts

Senior Night Friday October 13

Senior Night

Kickapoo Home Game October 13, 2017

Please note:

  • Coach Tom Gramates will be the acting Head Coach Friday vs Kickapoo. 
  • Coach Gramates will assume all head coaching responsibilities while Coach Barrow will act as Co-Offensive Coordinator. 
  • Coach Gramates is a former head coach so we expect this transition to be as seamless as possible.
  • Mr. Scott and I have made arrangements to attend Senior Night Activities before I depart the stadium. 
  • Thursday night we are hosting Senior Bowling followed by a Meal at my house.
  • We will meet Friday night at 6:25 at the Tiger. 

Regarding Friday Night at Glendale:

I apologized to the team for the embarrassment I caused them through my reactions to the officiating Friday night.  We visited Sunday about the proactive approach and steps we’ve taken to bring attention to safety of our players. 

Sportsmanship is a responsibility I don’t take lightly and Friday night I failed the team, school and community.  We’re all accountable for our reactions, no matter how we feel about a call or missed call that is the only thing we can control.  Coach Gramates and I agree that no matter how loud or vigorously we protest or complain, over the course of a combined 59 years of coaching, no calls have ever been over turned.

When we react poorly the only thing that the opposing school or officials will remember is our reaction.  I expressed my belief that Waynesville has a great group of kids and the last thing I want is to leave people with a negative perception of our team or tarnish that reputation.  I reminded our kids that as young men you can control how you act and react and those actions and reactions become your reputation. 


I let my emotions get the best of me and I deeply regret mishandling the situation Friday night.  I apologize for drawing negative attention to Waynesville and our Football program.  Regardless of our record I care deeply about your sons and have fought vigorously for their safety.

Please know that I did not threaten or curse the officials. I supported our player who was penalized for a targeting foul and then ejected for asking why he received the penalty.  I agreed with him that the foul nor the remark warranted an ejection and received a personal foul.

Later, after another unsportsmanlike hit, I let my body language and tone escalate the situation.  I should have used better discretion and a more professional tone when voicing my concerns – “Please Protect Our Players” – I was ejected for that comment.  I will not apologize for fighting for the safety of our players, I can’t change what happened Friday night, I own my role and will serve the suspension. 

Following Friday’s game I made a video cut-up of 18 plays that Mr. Scott and I have submitted to the Southwest Missouri Football Officials Association and to MSHSAA.  We also included cuts from West Plains and Rolla

Through the course of this season Mr. Scott and I have voiced our concerns with the officials association that included meeting with them and reviewing video clips from the West Plains game and collectively the past two seasons.  We also made contact with them following the Rolla game.  The clips we’ve submitted are not simple play calls, but the integrity of the sport and safety of our student athletes. 

Please know that Mr. Scott and I are using every avenue we have to draw attention to this matter.  

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