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Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district


Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district

Tiger Athletics

Waynesville School district



7 months ago by Mike Clutts


It’s easy to be ordinary or mediocre, but it takes courage to excel and be different from the crowd.  Not many people are willing to commit and make the sacrifices required to take the next step.   The rewards are great but the risk of failure stops most people dead in their tracks.

It takes courage to sacrifice, work long hours and focus on being the best you can be every day.  It takes courage to stay focused and put in the work even when you’re tired and sick.  Everyone can be average with a little work, but It takes a different mindset to strive to be your best every day. 

It takes courage to stand by your convictions when those around you have doubt.    

It takes courage to keep fighting when faced with defeat. 

It takes courage to stick to your game plan when adversity strikes.

It takes courage to break through barriers and to push yourself physically and mentally. 

It takes courage to try to be your very best when those around you settle for mediocrity.

I believe God tests us by placing obstacles in our way that help us find out who we really are.  It’s not about the obstacles, but our reaction and ability to persevere.  Our reaction determines who we become and ultimately determines our level of success.

It’s easy to point out the negative and swim in the pity pool, but standing up for what you believe and working to get better every day is risky business and it’s not for everyone.  It takes courage to remain positive and have faith in something you haven’t experienced yet or can’t touch.  It takes courage to commit to the process of becoming successful. 

People fail because they lack the courage and conviction to fight harder when faced with adversity.  They fail to rise up when doubt creeps in or failure strikes, they accept the outcome as inevitable.  There are no guarantees, so the fear of working harder and investing more (without reward) is where most lose interest.  Most fear the pain of failure so much that they don’t even try.  The courage to invest in the unknown, to trust others and sacrifice for your family is something you will carry for the rest of your lives.  The outcome is not nearly as important as committing to the process. 

I believe courage requires no exceptional amount of talent.  I believe courage requires opportunity and resolve.   If you believe in something with all your heart (faith) courage comes easy. 

I believe this TEAM has courage, far more courage than anyone outside of our family realizes. 

I have faith in this TEAM.  I have faith in YOU.  Tomorrow night play as ONE TIGER, play with faith and courage.  Have fun and let people see who we really are.  If you do that, I guarantee you will walk off the field champions. 

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